Winter Forest

by Wonders Of Nature

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    CD1: Passion For Nature (Reissue 2017)
    CD2: At The Turn Of Last Winter (Reissue 2017)
    CD3: Nebula (Reissue 2017)
    CD4: Legenda Revontulet (Reissue 2017)
    CD6: Winter Forest (Reissue 2017)
    CD7: Kingdom Of Nature (Reissue 2017)
    CD8: Mysterious Peaks (Reissue 2017)
    CD9: North (Reissue 2017)
    CD10: Lähde Polar Myrskyt (Reissue 2017)
    CD11: Norrsken (Reissue 2017)
    CD12: Ambient Collection 1
    CD13: Ambient Collection 2
    CD14: Ambient Collection 3
    CD15: Ambient Collection 4
    CD16: Collection Of Covers
    CD17: Collection Of Singles
    CD18: Demo Collection 1
    CD19: Demo Collection 2
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And of course for a long time wanted to do fiznositel all their albums, well, finally dreams come true, in the month of September will be the first batch of 100 - 300 discs on this album with a colorful booklet format (Jewel Box + printing 4 lanes and a part in Digi format Pack with printing in 4 lanes). Of course that all the other albums including the compilation of demo discs will also be about the fall in the same size! On the official page Bandcampa I open pre-orders for physical media and different attributes. Well, if someone wants to just buy in Wave format and Flac is a cost to pre-order DIGITAL ALBUM version and you get it immediately even though it is open for pre-order (pre-order is only open for nat. Media and paraphernalia) In general, for all questions and suggestions contact me either.


released July 2, 2016




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Track Name: Aurora Borealis
Northern Lights occur when Earth's magnetic field at high speed get electrically charged particles accelerated by the solar wind. In this regard, the northern lights are best seen near the magnetic poles.
This phenomenon occurs year round, but it can only be seen against the dark winter sky. The visual drama of the Northern Lights has created many myths and legends in ancient times. The Finnish name «revontulet», for example, means "fox fires" and traces its origins to the legend, according to which the northern lights - a spark of fire in the giant fox fur. Current observers compare it exciting spectacle with the "wounded dragon fighting for his life."
Track Name: Winter Twilight
You go alone, in short winter twilight, almost instantly turning into a deep blue starless sky, light snow in the evening once - on the night. Snow dutifully takes traces of your feet, reflects the finest fireworks and electric light colored splashes of exotic flowers that resemble coral reefs off the coast of the distant warm countries ...
Track Name: At The Turn Of Last Winter
In the Far North, at the intersection of taiga and tundra, including dwarf birch, rowan scrubby bushes with surprisingly large light watery yellow berries, among six hundred larch trees that reach maturity in the three hundred years old, lives a special tree - elfin. It is a distant relative of cedar, cedar, - coniferous evergreen shrubs with trunks thicker than a human hand, and two to three meters long. It is unpretentious and grows clinging to the roots of the gap in the rocks of the mountain slope. He is courageous and stubborn as all northern trees. The sensitivity of its extraordinary.

Late autumn, it's time to be snow, winter. At the edge of the white sky for many days go low, bluish, as if bruised, clouds. Today autumn biting wind in the morning began ominously quiet. It smells like snow? No. There will be snow. Pumila has not yet laid down. And the days go by after day, no snow, clouds wandering somewhere beyond the hills, and in the high sky went pale, a little sun, and everything in the autumn ...

A elfin bends. Oppression and lower, as if under an immense, ever-increasing weight. He scratches his pinnacle of rock and pressed to the ground, stretching their legs emerald. He spreads. It is similar to an octopus dressed in green feathers. Lying, he waits a day or two, and now the sky is strewed with white as the powder snow and elfin plunges into hibernation like a bear. On the white mountain snow swells huge blisters - a dwarf bushes lay winter.

And at the end of winter, when snow still covers the ground three-meter layer when rammed tight, giving in only iron snow, people desperately seek signs of spring in nature, although the calendar time to really come spring snowstorm in ravines. But the day is indistinguishable from the winter - the air is thin and dry and is no different from the January air. Fortunately, the human sensations are too rough, too simple perception, and the sense he had a little, only five - this is not enough for predictions and guesses.

Nature thinner than human in their feelings. Something we know about it. Remember fish salmon that come to spawn only in the river, where it was to sweep away the berry from which the fish has evolved? Remember the mysterious bird's flight route? Plants, barometers, barometers colors-we know a lot.

And among the vast whiteness of the snow, among the utter hopelessness suddenly rises elfin. He shakes off the snow, straightened to his full height, raises to the sky its green, icy, slightly reddish needles. He hears us call elusive spring and believing in it, gets up before anyone else in the North. Winter is over.

There are other: fire. Elfin too gullible. He does not like the winter that he was ready to believe the warmth of the fire. If the winter, next to the bent, gnarled wintry bush thickets make a fire - elfin rise. The fire goes out - and disappointed cedar, weeping from resentment, again bend and lie to the old place. And it will bring snow.

No, it is not only the weather forecaster. Dwarf - tree of hope, only in the Far North evergreen tree. Among white glitter snow matte green coniferous his paws suggests the south, the warmth of life. In summer it is modest and invisible - all around quickly blossoms, trying to prosper in the short northern summer. Flowers spring, summer, autumn surpass each other in unrestrained stormy bloom. But autumn is near, and now pours yellow fine needles, exposing larch, fawn grass coagulates and dries timber becomes empty, and then far seen as among the pale yellow grass and gray moss in the forest burning torches enormous green thickets.

I elfin always seemed the most poetic Russian wood, better than the famous weeping willow, sycamore, cypress. And the wood of dwarf hotter.
Track Name: Moonlight In The Winter Forest
Do you hear the children sing the night?
They are ignorant of peace and comfort,
Bloodlust into the darkness of their calling,
On the hunt, go ahead.

Light painfully bright moon -
And they are full of bloodlust,
By the heavens are turning their howling
With his head thrown back.

Full moon curse hides,
The light of the moon, rising to the zenith,
It makes them look change
And in the night to kill.

Softer shadows in the darkness will slip,
Only the yellow of their eyes sparkle,
Quickly catch up with the victim the night
Death - not shout shout.

At dawn, dropping with fangs
Patches of foam and blood of the wolves
To turn back to the people,
Run away quickly,

To wait for the night, trembling,
Under cover of her cloak
Is again a terrible dreams
In the bright light of the moon.
Joe Fletcher (Jo Fletcher)